Arizer Extreme with V-Tower

arizer extreme weed vaporizer

This review will cover the Arizer Extreme Vaporizer with V-Tower. It’s the most popular vaporizer from Arizer and it definitely has some really cool things about it… and maybe one not-so-cool thing (you’ll have to decide). I’ll do my best to touch on everything.

So, let’ start with the cool things. The craftsmanship on the V-Tower Extreme is easily among to top in it’s class. The exterior is stainless steel, and the entire unit feels sturdy to the touch.

The “bowl” is made of borosilicate glass, the strongest glass in the world. The added benefit of using glass for this piece is that heat is evenly distributed across your bud, pulling out more active ingredient and conserving herb. And it comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so if you ever did have any breakage you can get it replaced gratis.

You can also control the speed at which the machine vaporizes, which is very cool. You have three different speed settings, giving you flexibility to find your personal preference. Everything is controlled form a very slick LCD screen. It’s easy to read and you can set temperatures or adjust the timer on the fly. This is a major upgrade from the dial based vaporizers.

You have the choice of using the collection balloon or a hose (whip) for enjoying your vapor. The balloon is perfect for ciphers, as everybody can take their time and enjoy the bud… and no vapor is lost in the process. The whip is the way to go for when you’re solo and want to take a few quick hits.

Now, for what irks me a bit about the unit. The Arizer Extreme Vaporizer with V-Tower comes with a remote control, and is the only vaporizer that has one. Some folks rave about how cool the remote control is. Personally, I just do get it. Even when using the hose you’re usually close enough to the unit to just use the LCD interface. It feels more like a marketing gimmick than anything to me… but that’s just me.

Is the remote control reason enough not to buy the Arizer V-Tower Extreme Vaporizer? Of course not… the price is great and it’s a good unit. I just want to give you a full picture of what your buying. In my mind the cool things outweigh the gimmicky ones by far, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased with this unit if you choose to invest in it.

The Low Down on Arizer Extreme Vaporizers

The Arizer Extreme Vaporizer comes with the collection balloon, hose (whip) and accessories. It retails at around $299-$399 and is a good value for that price. However, sometimes you can get lucky and find an even better offer. Posted below are some good deals we found on brand new units with auctions currently running online.

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