How Weed Vaporizers Work

A vaporizer is a device that instead of burning herbs, merely heats them to sufficient levels so that the chemicals in the plant boil off into a vapor that can then be inhaled. This is a much safer method of taking in herbs as it has much less side effects than smoking or ingestion and also allows for a greater amount of control over dosage.

So how do weed vaporizers work? There are three main ways that a vaporizer can heat the plant placed in it to the right temperatures and they are thermal conduction, thermal radiation, and convection. Convection vaporizers work indirectly to heat up the herbs by heating up the air first and then having the air heat up the plant. Radiation is a less indirect way of heating the herbs and it is the method of using an intense light source to send energy into the plant, which is why they are less commonly used. The most typical type of heat source for vaporizers is conduction heating, in which the substance is placed on a surface that is heated by butane or some other heat source, which in turn heats up the substance and causes it to release its chemicals in vaporous form.

The most important factor in vaporizers is their ability to control temperature. This is very important, because different substances have different natural vaporization temperatures. For example, the optimal vaporization temperature for cannabis is 177 °C, but the optimal vaporization temperature for tobacco is 140 °C. This is crucial, because if you are trying to achieve the right temperature so that you can get the most chemicals out of your herbs, you are going to want a device that will allow you easy access to temperature control.

How weed vaporizers work, although somewhat simple in terms of the basics, is still a little confusing when you look at all the possible methods of vaporization and what each one entails. However, this piece should have helped you understand at least the basics of vaporization more and hopefully you will use this knowledge to assist you in either using, buying, or even thinking about vaporizers.

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