Portable Weed Vaporizers

Vaporizers, in general, are good alternatives to smoking. Vaporization works by heating the herbs placed in the chamber, instead of burning them, and therefore gives off fewer toxins and tar and is safer for the user. This has of course made vaporizers very popular and as a result the need arose for a portable version.

A normal vaporizer is rather large and bulky, which makes it hard to move around and transport for usage on the go. However, over time manufacturers have been able to compress vaporizers smaller and smaller until they can fit in the palm of your hand. These portable weed vaporizers work by almost exactly the same methods as a full vaporizer, but are just scaled down to allow for use wherever you might need it.

In terms of a heat source, there are many different options for portable weed vaporizers. One common option is the use of a flame, usually a lighter, but this can be a hassle if you don’t commonly carry a lighter. Another option, slightly more expensive, are the electric vaporizers which can utilize either an internal rechargeable battery or a connected external power source, such as a car. Another type of heat source for portable vaporizers is an internal butane tank. These vaporizers utilize butane, the common fuel for lighters, to heat the herbs without the use of a flame, making for very safe usage.

Besides being easy to take with you, portable weed vaporizers are also good to use for several other reasons. For one, vaporizers are much healthier than smoking or ingesting herbs and vaporizing will reduce the amount of side effects. Vaporization also allows for a higher level of control over the herbs by letting the users have the option to easily adjust the temperature of the heating element. Portable vaporizers are handy, compact, safe, and most important, just as capable as full sized vaporizers.