Vapir One

vapir one weed vaporizer

The Vapir One vaporizer is a small, lightweight and easily portable vaporizer that is very effective. It uses a digital format to help you accurately adjust your preferred vaping temperatures and also comes equipped with two bowls that are about the size of a dime — and roughly half an inch deep. The Vapir One has 3 different fan speeds to control the amount of vapor that you wish to consume and it heats up very quickly. This portable vaporizer is a great addition to anyone’s collection.

The Vapir One vaporizer uses a digital display to show accurate temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. You can switch between the two by simply pushing a button and you also have control of the temperatures so that you can experiment with and ultimately find the best vaporization temperature for your herbs of choice. Different herbs have slightly varying optimal temperatures, which is why having control over the vaporizer is so incredibly important. This makes the Vapir One Vaporizer a much better buy than a vape without temperature controls.

The Vapir One comes with two bowls that are actually referred to as herb baskets. The way this vaporizer works is by having a fan blowing hot air over the herb, which in turn releases all of the flavor and potency without burning the actual material. You can control the fan speed so that you can always enjoy your vaporizing experience. The extra herb basket makes it very easy to keep a session going without having to wait to repack your herb basket every time. The device itself heats up in around two minutes, which is excellent when compared to other vaporizers which sometimes can require 15 minutes or more. This means you can enjoy your herb without having to sit around waiting. Which is always a good thing!

The Vapir One Vaporizer is a great buy for anyone who wishes to enjoy a great vaporizing experience. The device is light and portable enough to carry with you, which makes medicating very easy in places besides your home. The display gives you excellent control over the temperature, and the fan speeds can be adjusted to meet your needs. Ultimately the portability and added controls are what make this vaporizer unique, and also make it a great purchase to anyone who enjoys fine herb.

The Low Down on Vapir One Vaporizers

The Vapir One Vaporizer is among the world’s most popular portable vaporizers. It retails from $149-$249, so it’s not only portable but affordable as well. Occasionally, you can even find better deals online. Posted below are some of the best deals we found on brand new units with auctions currently running.

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