Vapir Oxygen Mini

vapir oxygen mini weed vaporizer

I hope you’re ready for the new Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer as this little bad boy packs quite a punch for such a small device. Produced by the widely known vaporizer company ‘Vapir’ we already knew before hand that this “baby” vaporizer would live up to its predecessors. The new Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer is the most portable vaporizer on the market – hands down – and it’s this that makes it such an attractive purchase. You don’t need to sit at home anymore to vaporize your herbs. You can use this virtually anywhere. Well, anywhere that’s legal of course!

The Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer fits nicely inside the palm of your hand and there is a digital display which allows you to control the vaporizers temperature. One of the most interesting things about the Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer is that there’s no fan. It is completely powered by the user’s breath. This means that this little bad boy is silent, without the added noise of a fan. The only downside is the pulls aren’t quite as powerful as Vapir’s more stationary devices – but it’s not by so much that it becomes an issue.

The Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer comes complete with a power adapter, car charger, rechargeable battery pack, one mouthpiece, one whip, four wooden cleaning sticks, ten screens and a user manual to show you exactly how to use and properly care for your new vaporizer. This is another great product from Vapir and they really outdid themselves this time. And that’s saying a lot! After all this IS the Vapir brand that we’re talking about!

The Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer is a great choice for anyone who wishes to enjoy the pleasures of vaporizing fine herb and this is the most portable vaporizer you’ll be able to find. Anywhere! Its silence combined with its size make it an excellent stealth vaporization device and is perfect for people who are on the go – or who like to smoke a lot no matter where they are!

The Low Down on Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizers

The Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer is among the world’s smallest portable vaporizers. It retails from $99-$199, so it’s not only portable but quite affordable as well. Posted below are the absolute best deals we found on brand new units with auctions currently running.

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