vapolution weed vaporizer

The Vapolution Vaporizer is a glass on glass action type vaporizer, which is a favorite of many. The glass on glass design is fundamentally better than a metal-glass design because metals, when heated, can release different oxides and ions that can be poisonous to the consumer and are of some concern. This isn’t the only thing separating the Vapolution Vaporizer from the others on the market, however.

The Vapolution Vaporizer comes in either green or black and contains a 12volt DC power supply, a car charger, two glass bowls — with one being small and the other being medium in size — two retaining washers, and two vinyl tubes. The car charger is a great element found inside the Vapolution Vaporizer and is one that many vaporizers do not have. This means you will be able to take your Vaporizer with you almost anywhere, and always have a place to charge it. This makes it excellent for camping trips, parks, or anywhere else you deem necessary to medicate.

The device will run continuously for eight whole hours, but make sure to not leave unattended when it is on as this can pose a serious fire danger. The Vapolution Vaporizer is also well-insulated which means that you can pick up the device while it is being used without burning yourself. Definitely a good thing! Many other vaporizers become too hot to touch and cause unnecessary burns which could have been avoided by selecting the right vaporizer in the first place.

The best way to heat up the Vapolution Vaporizer is by turning the heat up to the maximum allowed temperature until it is hot enough, and then turn it down to the optimal vaping level. It takes only a few times to find the best vaping temp for your preferred herb.

The Vapolution Vaporizer is one of the most reliable and portable vaporizers on the market today. If you are looking into purchasing your own vaporizer, the Vapolution is one of the best that you can buy. The added safety features, car charger and ultimate ease of use are what make the Vapolution Vaporizer an excellent choice!

The Low Down on Vapolution Vaporizers

The Vapolution Vaporizer revolutionized the industry with it’s the world’s first glass on glass vaporizer and still known to this day for its quality. It retails at around $249-$399 and is definitely a fair value for that price. However, sometimes you can get lucky and find even better offers out there. Posted below are some of the best deals we found on brand new units with auctions currently running online.

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